Commentary on German drug law


Axel Sander

German Drug Law

Commentary on German Drug Law for legal and pharmaceutical practitioners


German Drug Law, Commentary and Compendium


Axel Sander

German Drug Law

Compendium of drug law jurisdiction, including the rulings of the European Court of Justice Volumes supplementing Sander, German Drug Law, Commentary


This handy loose-leaf edition, currently comprising five volumes of commentaries and three volumes of court rulings, provides a continuously expanding commentary on the German Drug Law and relevant amendments (meanwhile numbering fourteen), as well as a collection of the most important court rulings in the field of drug law passed since 1978.


The author, who has been an expert in German drug law right from the start, explains the Drug Law and its amendments, and in the appendices users will find a comprehensive collection of the most important statutes, decrees and directives in the field of drug law. This independent commentary provides information about numerous unclear issues that come up when drug law, which is becoming increasingly complex, is applied. It is an indispensable reference work for law courts, authorities, and anyone involved in the marketing of medicinal products.


In his commentary that is easily understood even by law amateurs, the author – taking into account the latest jurisdiction and decisions taken in administrative practice – is particularly concerned with finding a practicable solution to issues and problems that arise when dealing with drugs both in the legal field and in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as at dispensing chemists.


All the same, the explanations aim not only to help clarify doubtful issues arising in day-to-day practice, but also to provide all the information and assistance required by anyone wanting to familiarize themselves with German drug law. To improve comprehensibility and help with interpretation, the commentary on each separate section of the law is preceded by relevant excerpts from the official grounds for its introduction and from the advisory committee’s reports.


The reproduction of the court rulings in the three supplementary volumes is limited in each case to the main facts of the matter and the reasons for the court’s decision, preceded by a keyword, the sections discussed, and a headnote. Breaking down rulings into ones under drug law, competition law, social welfare law and EU law makes reference easier, on top of which an index is provided. Additional notes are included if they contribute towards making a decision more comprehensible.


The Authors


Dr. Axel Sander, Attorney-at-Law, Frankfurt am Main.


For the first time, Dr. jur. Peter Dieners, Attorney-at-Law, located in Düsseldorf, has joined the team to work on the 14th Amendment to the German Drug Law that has been included in the latest edition. Support for the commentary has also been afforded by the Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie (BPI) e.V. (German Association of Pharmaceutical Industries), in particular by its in-house lawyer Thomas Porstner. Further assistance has been provided by the Attorney-at-Law Ms. Jana Knauer, who has an additional qualification in pharmaceutical law from the Philipps University in Marburg, and who furthered her expertise in the field by working for the BPI before joining the law firm Sander Zirkel Wicke Denninger.


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