Dr. Axel Sander (Partner)



Dr. Axel Sander, Attorney-at-Law and permanent legal advisor to the Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie (BPI) e.V. in Frankfurt (German Association of Pharmaceutical Industries), set up a law firm focussing on commercial law back in 1974. Having worked for very many years in the health sector, also as the General Secretary of the BPI until 2002, Dr. Sander has excellent contacts with EU authorities and with both federal and regional authorities in Germany.


Dr. Sander has written a commentary1 as well as numerous publications on drug law, and he is co-author of a GMP commentary2. He has frequently been invited to appear as an expert before committees set up by the German Bundestag. He is a member of institutions in the pharmaceutical industry, amongst other things on the managing board of Integras e.V. (the associations’ society for fair drug advertising), on the advisory board of the association of pharmaceutical re-insurance companies (until 2004), as well as on the supervisory boards of pharmaceutical firms in Germany and in Switzerland.  He has consultant’s contracts with the BPI and with the association for precision mechanics and optics, now Spektaris GmbH. Dr. Sander is a member of the advisory board for the trade journals Pharmarecht, PharmInd, and Arzneimittel & Recht, and his activities further include giving in-house training courses and holding lectures for all the providers of seminars who have meanwhile become established in the field of pharmaceutical law.


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1 Sander, Kommentar zum Arzneimittelrecht [Commentary on drug law] and Sander, Entscheidungssammlung zum Arzneimittelrecht [Collection of decisions on drug law], Kohlhammer Verlag


2 Oeser/Sander, GMP Kommentar, Grundregeln für die Herstellung von Arzneimitteln und Wirkstoffen [GMP Commentary, Fundamental Rules for Manufacturing Drugs & Active Substances], Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft