The Law Firm Sander & Krüger

Sander & Krüger was founded in 2012 following the combination of the firm Sander, Zirkel, Wicke, Denninger with Dr. Carsten Krüger.


Dr. Axel Sander started his commercial law firm in 1974 in addition to his General Counsel position with the Federal Association of the Pharmaceutical Industries (Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie – BPI). The firm was specializing in counselling pharmaceutical companies in all relevant areas of the industry and represented companies in court proceedings and negotiations.


Dr. Carsten Krüger joined Forstmann Kleist & Partners in 2003 and became a partner of the firm in 2004. The firm specialized for decades on providing expert advice in pharmaceutical law.


All of the above mentioned lawyers are members of the newly formed partnership Sander & Krüger. In addition, Dr. Matthias Runge joined the firm in February 2012.


The firm continues with its traditional expert legal services with a broader coverage. Life Sciences companies are counselled and represented in all specific industry related areas including MA procedures, Advertisement Laws, Commercial and BD&L Agreements, Product Liability, Distribution Laws, Manufacturing and R&D. Clients are supported in Life Cycle management projects and Market Access issues, including reimbursement matters.


In addition, the firm advises medical device and medical technology companies as well as companies manufacturing and distributing cosmetics, food, health supplements and dietary supplements, including assessments on the development, commercialization and distribution of borderline products and contracts relating to those activities.


Distribution and trading firms, pharmacies, services and consulting companies, private equity firms, venture capital companies and other law firms are clients of Sander & Krüger if they need life sciences expert advise for transactions, asset deals and similar projects.


Another focus of Sander & Krüger is the support of compliance departments and compliance officers on SOP´s and compliance systems, training seminars and internal audits. In case of investigations and compliance violations Sander & Krüger cooperates with a law firm specializing in criminal defense law.


Sander & Krüger provides support in all areas mentioned both in court and out-of-court, respectively in settlement and arbitration proceedings, if necessary with highly reputable colleagues focusing on other legal fields, for example patent law.